Glass restoration is necessary when hard water stains cloud or spot windows and other glass. Even rain water in polluted urban areas, where vehicle traffic is heavy or industrial pollutants are present, can become caustic and leave stains on commercial window glass.

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 Many building owners do not consider maintenance of the buildings windows a high priority and by the time they call for restoration the windows have become deeply etched and restoration can be costly. This can occur in residential settings as well. You may have once ruined a glass vase by letting water stand in it. The fluoride in drinking water is laced with the same chemical used for frosting glass. The other chemicals in water can also leave unsightly deposits on shower doors and a misguided sprinkler can cause unsightly, hard to remove, spotting on residential windows.

We understand all of the issues that are caused to glass by the many possible causes that exist and we are experts in dealing with them and restoring glass back to its original polish.  Glass is inherently porous in nature and, contrary to what most think, it can absorb and hold chemicals beneath its surface. All the window cleaner and paper towels in the world will not make a difference.  Only a professional like us can do the job.

 Call us now for glass restoration if you notice unsightly staining on your windows, shower door or on any glass surface, before the problem becomes too advanced for treatment.

We perform glass restoration in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, northern and central New Jersey, southeastern New York and southwestern Connecticut.

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