Why should you choose United Window Cleaners as your full service cleaning company?  The reason may be because we offer both commercial and residential window cleaning for any building from the tallest skyscraper to the smallest home. It could also be that as a full service company we also offer many other services like light fixture cleaning, mirror cleaning and bucket truck service. The reason might also be our impeccable track record of servicing metropolitan New York and all of the surrounding suburbs.  The real reason to choose us is all of those reasons and more.

United Window Cleaners is the premier window cleaning service in New York and has been maintaining the New York skyline for years. Our dedicated crew of technicians and inside support staff are hand selected for their skills at the particular job they are called to do.  Once they join our team they receive even further training in technique, customer service and safety.  All of our crews are fully insured and bonded so you need not be concerned about the technician working in your business location, in your home our hanging precariously outside your office window hundreds of feet in the air.  That is how he makes his living and is perfectly safe and comfortable in what he does.  If you ask him he will probably say he can’t see himself doing anything else.

All of us here at United Window Cleaners share one common value and that is the overall satisfaction of you, the customer.  We will never consider a job complete until we know we have achieved our goal which is your 100 percent satisfaction in the final result.  Along with all those other reasons mentioned above, that is the real reason why you should choose us as your full service window cleaning company.

We perform window cleaning services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, northern and central New Jersey, southeastern New York and southwestern Connecticut.